Russian is East Slavic language. It is most widespread language in Eurasia and it is the six official languages of the United Nations. According to the statics in 2013, Russian is the second-most used language after English. It is mostly spoken in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan apart from Russia.

As Republic of Turkey we have been got in touch with Russia in terms of politics, economy, tourism and sports all the time. So, both indiviual customers and institutions need Russian translations. To give the best translation service, with well trained equipment we will be grateful to help you in your Russian translations. In every field of Russian language such as medical, technical, legal, academic and sworn translation as BETA Translation Services, we do our best!

Russian is the largest native language of Europe. Gaining the foremost importance, Russian takes an important role in Turkey also.

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Our Russian translation service includes the texts :

From Russian to Turkish and from Turkish to Russian

From Russian to English and from English to Russian