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Work Flow

In our office, the workflow is assisted by the state-of-the-art project management software. Step-by-step process is as follows:

Project Management:

  • Safe receipt – First, you entrust your project to us – we can receive it electronically via e-mail or on CD/DVD, USB or fax, or in person.
  • Planning – The Project Manager plans the project and selects the best translator(s) in consideration of the the subject area, size and deadline of the project as well as the customer’s instructions and requirements.
  • Monitor & Control – The Project Manager follows up with the translator(s) to make sure the translator(s) understand the instructions and the project is on track.
  • Finalization – The Project Manager has the translation reviewed by an editor, checks the integrity and formatting of the finalized documents, and then delivers the project to the customer on time making sure that the customer is satisfied with the work.

Translation process and Quality Assurance:

  • Preliminary Study – The translator(s) conducts a preliminary study on the project, which includes a detailed research on the subject and terminology, reviews any reference material provided by the customer, and contacts the PM for any question regarding the project.
  • Translation – Unless otherwise is requested by the customer, the translator, who is a native speaker of the target language and an expert in the respective field, uses a CAT tool for the translation to make it easier to check consistency and accuracy throughout the project. The translator always observes the rules of confidentiality and delivers the documents on time.
  • Review – The translated text is reviewed by a second translator who is also a native. This stage is just as important as the translation. A second eye is always needed to produce an error-free translation.
  • Quality Assurance – This step includes an overall revision of the project, including a consistency test through a comparison with the reference materials, if the customer provided such materials, and an overview of the layout of the documents – to make sure they meet the requirements of the customer.


The translated and reviewed files are delivered to the customer either in one single batch or in several batches according to the customer’s preference in any format (electronic documents or hardcopies) needed by the customer by meeting the deadline or delivery schedule agreed with the customer.


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