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Medical Translation

Medical Translations are one of the most important translation fields as they cover the human health subjects. Medical translations are different from the other translations in terms of terminology and context. To make proper translations in this field a translator has to have a knowledge of medical terminology. Latin based medical terminology must be known by translators for medical translation. So your medical translations are made by our professional translators who are qualifed and experinced in this field. It is not easy to translate medical documents. But you can trust BETA Translation Services about Medical Translation. Because specialised translators who are experienced in medical terminology service you whenever you want and wherever you are.

Here, some documents of medical translations:

Guidelines for medical devices, medicine and pharmacy board booklets, medical catalogues, sales aid, pharmacy licence patents, medical booklets, medical licence and certificates and installation and maintanence instruction books about internal medicine, external diseases, dentistry, eye, orthopedics, cardiology, anesthesia, haematology, endescopy, pathology, oncology, physioterapy, scientific articles, prospectuses..

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