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Simultaneous Translation

Simultaneous translation is called as concurrent translation. Simultaneous translation is arranged in all domestic and foreign services. And it is one of the hardest translation fields. Because the translator has to translate the text as qucikly as possible. So the translator has to have special language abilities like quick thinking and intense focusing on the language for this translation. Simultaneous translator works in a soundproof booth with at least one another translator. Because simultaneous translation needs concentration and intense work environment.

The simultaneous translator speaks into a microphone and the interpreter recieves the sound via a headphone. Some technical equipment like, cabin, microphone, headphones and acoustic insulation are needed for simultaneous translation. Because translation efficiency must be on the highest level. As Beta Translation Services, we give simultaneous translation service to you valued customers. Because we have professional translators who are conscious and experienced in this field and thanks to our highly quality understanding we offer you the best translation service. Simultaneous translation is on the professional hands!

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