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What is Transcription?

Transcription is the process of typing by analysing all the sound and video saved in several sectors or jobs such as meetings, job interviews, conferences.

How Is Transcription Done?

Sound or video recordings in different formats are transcripted in 4 different steps. At first step sound documents which are low sound or recordings are prepared to be transcripted through a special way. Secondly, recordings are listened and perepared for typing. At third step, written text is reviewed by an expert. At fourth step, the last editings are made.

What Is Transciption Translation?

The translator who does transcription has to be expert in this field and has a full command of the language. Because  translator converts audio visual material into written language through transcription. So the translator has to be expert in this field. His/Her duty is to provide the best and accurate transcription translation. BETA Translation Services render the most succesful translators in this field.

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